Hornby Summer School

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Hello everybody. This is my first time at this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

I have been in Sorocaba since the eight of January in a summer school organized by the British Council for English teachers. It has been great so far. We have shared many stories and experiences. You could read more about it if you desire. Just go to http://summerschool.wordpress.com

I am supposed to talk about the seventh day of this event, and it is on Sunday. You are probably thinking we slept all day long, but that was not what happened. I will tell about it.

It was a gourgeous morning, the sun was shining strongly telling all of us that it promised us such a beautiful day. We woke up around eighth o´clock to have breakfast. I was a little bit hard to do that because of the party we had at the previous night went till three o´clock in the morning.

Sara started as usual at nine o´clock sharp. We all sang a song called Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens. Margit asked us to think about we have learnt so far and wanted to think more about it. We discussed between us and remembered the aims of this summer school. Julian asked us to stand up and stretch before he starts his presentation about making the most of the ELT community. We talked about communities and benefits. We moved on with some presentations like Ximena (Chile), Luisa Andrea (Chile), Maricel (Chile), Isa and Ana (Brasilia, Brazil). Some final reminds from our before lunch.

At lunch we had a great barbecue party with many different kinds of food. In the afternoon some of us went back to join Margit’s, David’s and Vanessa’s presentations; some of us just hung by the pool until the end of the day.


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